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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


"Be Careful What You Wish For"
Galaxy Quest: Global Warning #4
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Ilias Kyriazis
October 2008

Something fishy is happening after the crew is taken aboard the Judgement Ship.


Story Summary


The individual crew members live their own fantasies-turned-nightmares aboard the Judgement Ship as the Earth is about to be destroyed.




Didja Know?


This issue contains chapters 10-12, "Be Careful What You Wish For", "Will Act for Food", and "Alas, Poor Jason!" The font of the title "Be Careful What You Wish For" is similar to the font of the 1985 Back to the Future film logo.


Didja Notice?


Fred is missing the pips on the right side of his uniform collar.


Gwen was featured in her first commercial when she was two months old. She also appeared in the soap opera Days and Nights of Our Lives and the sitcom Nine is Too Many. These titles are plays on the real world TV series Days of Our Lives (1965-present) and Eight is Enough (1977-1981).


On page 6, Alexander is looking at a banner for the Royal Theater Society's production of Richard III by William Shakespeare. In Galaxy Quest, Alexander mourned for his past greatness portraying Richard III. The Royal Theater Society is a stand-in here for England's Royal Shakespeare Company, the world's most renowned producer of plays, particularly, but not limited to, those of Shakespeare.


On page 10, Nesmith is getting coffee at a Sunbeach Coffee establishment in Beverly Hills, CA. Sunbeach appears to be a fictional business, but similar to Starbuck's Coffee. Beverly Hills is an affluent city in Los Angeles County, where many movie and television stars live.


On page 13, Sandy gives Nesmith his business card with the phone number (310) 555-1272. 310 is the area code in Beverly Hills. The 555 prefix of the phone number is a long-time convention in Hollywood TV and film.


On page 14, Nesmith is thrown out the gate of Caballo Studios. This appears to be a fictional film studio. "Caballo" is Spanish for "horse".


For some reason, the security guards that throw Nesmith out of the studio gate are mumbling "XML, MLT, TML!" These are all web- or Ethernet-related abbreviations: XML=Extensible Markup Language, used for writing web pages; MLT=Multi-link trunking, allowing multiple Ethernets to be treated as one; TML=TransducerML, an XML-based markup language. This may be intended as a hint that this is all happening in a virtual environment, as later revealed.


On page 19, Alexander speaks a quote, "If we shadows have offended, think but this and all is mended." This is a line spoken by Puck in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.


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