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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Galaxy Quest: The Song of the Arbu "The Song of the Arbu"
Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #3
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Nacho Arranz
Cover by Nacho Arranz
March 2015

The crew makes landfall on Dryth and adventure ensues.


Story Summary


The Protector travels to Dryth and hides behind a moon to avoid provoking an attack. For the same reason, they can't take a shuttle down to the planet's surface, so Fred sends them down to a barren desert area via the digitizer. But something goes wrong and Nesmith and Gwen find their heads have been placed on each other's bodies! Brandon is able to rectify the situation with his Questarian knowledge.


Meanwhile, on Earth, Guy is having difficulty keeping the disguised Drythans in line while they represent the actors as a cover for their absence.


Back on the surface of Dryth, the crew and Dac face a wild arbu, a gorilla-like lizard beast. Dac kills the beast, but it spits venom on Tommy in its death-throes. Tommy is dying, but Brandon digitizes him up to the Protector's medical bay. Then the trek to meet Dac's leader continues.




Notes from the Galaxy Quest Chronology


In the commander's log on page 1, Nesmith records the current date as July 23, but the year is not stated.


Didja Notice?


On page 1, Nesmith records a "commander's log". In "Destiny Be Mine!", the term used is "commandblog" instead.


On page 4, Fred tells the crewmembers whom he's digitizing down to Dryth to "break a leg". It's possible Fred is superstitious like Alexander, as in theater it is considered bad luck to wish a fellow actor good luck, so they say "break a leg" or some other such negative outcome to actually mean "good luck" without saying it.


After the landing party is digitized onto the surface of Dryth, Nesmith and Gwen find their heads have been placed on each other's bodies! Brandon is able to rectify the situation by remembering an episode of the new GQ TV series wherein Roc Ingersoll was seemingly atomized by the digitizer, but was able to be reconstituted because his data was still stored in the databanks. Performing the same trick as it was done on the show, Brandon restores the two to their original bodies. The concept of the body's data being stored in the transporter was used in various episodes of the Next Generation era of Star Trek.


On pages 21-22 Brandon uses a handheld datascanner to scan the arbu killed by Dac. The datascanner is the GQ equivalent of Star Trek's tricorders.


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