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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues (Part 2) "A Time of Civil War"
Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues #2
Writer: Erik Burnham
Artist: Nacho Arranz
Cover by Nacho Arranz
February 2015

The Galaxy Quest actor-crew, plus Brandon, is coerced into heading out to space again to help the Drythan rebels.


Story Summary


The Galaxy Quest actor-crew are kidnapped by the Drythan rebel Dac to atone for ruining the Drythan rebellion against the planet's Technocracy through Nesmith's use, years earlier, of the Omega 13 device. After failing to win a hand-to-hand fight against Dac, Nesmith reluctantly volunteers the crew's accession to journey back into space to play heroes once again. Brandon accompanies them, wanting the opportunity to see space, while Guy stays behind to aid some Drythans who are left behind on Earth to fill in for the missing actors while they are away.


At Stardock 11, the crew is given the Thermians' new ship, the Protector III for the mission.




Didja Notice?


Pages 1 and 2 of this issue feature quick bios of the main characters. The one for Jason Nesmith points out that he was the first human to leave the solar system. This occurred in Galaxy Quest when the Thermians grabbed him up to their interstellar space station with a pod.


The bio entry for Laliari lists her casting on the show as "Laliari as Jane Doe," but it should be the other way around. Her real name is Laliari, but she has assumed the alias of actress Jane Doe playing a character named Laliari on the show! This was done to hide the fact from Earth people that she really is an alien.


Page 6, panel 2, shows the Drythans using their camouflage abilities to assume the form of aliens that look very much like those of the Alien film series (Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Alien Resurrection).


On the last panel of page 9, Tommy is erroneously depicted wearing his GQ uniform instead of a t-shirt.


On page 13, Guy starts humming the fight music of the GQ series in an attempt to pump up Nesmith in his hand-to-hand fight against Dac. This is a reference to Star Trek fans who have been known to hum the familiar fight music of that series as a joke when they witness some kind of fight or imagined fight occurring.


Not wanting to go into space again, Guy tells Dac that he could give him the names of some guys who played Navy Seals to help him out instead. Navy SEALS are the special operations force of the U.S. Navy.


On page 16, Nesmith tells Dac that humans are not an interstellar species and "...our one time out was fluke." It seems he is referring to the events of Galaxy Quest and disregarding those of the Global Warning mini-series, even though it was also published by IDW! However, it is possible to assume that since the Drythans are aware of only the events of the crew leading up to their use of the Omega 13 (in Galaxy Quest), Nesmith is keeping those of Global Warning secret, as the U.S. military prefers to keep the entire thing under wraps anyway (as seen in Global Warning).


The crew are reunited with the Thermians at Stardock 11, orbiting New Thermia. "Stardock" is reference to the Federation term "starbase" used in numerous TV episodes and movies in the Star Trek franchise. In Galaxy Quest, the Thermians explained to our heroes that their homeworld was destroyed in the war against the Sarris Dominion and, in "My Homeworld Away from Home", we learned the Thermians were building a new homeworld; this is similar to the destruction of the planet Vulcan in the "new timeline" of the Star Trek universe seen in the 2009 and 2013 films Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness (though in this case, the destruction of Thermia was mentioned in 1999's Galaxy Quest 10 years before the destruction of Vulcan in Star Trek!). The new-timeline Star Trek universre now has New Vulcan for the remaining Vulcans just as GQ now has New Thermia for the remaining Thermians as seen here.


Page 20 reveals that the Thermians have built the Protector III. The original Protector was the fake one (models and sets) that appeared in episodes of the original Galaxy Quest TV series. The Protector II was the one built by the Thermians to replicate what they saw in those TV episodes; at the end of Galaxy Quest, the command deck of the ship was separated from the main body and wrecked in a crash-landing on Earth. In "My Homeworld Away from Home", we saw that the Thermians were still making use of the Protector II with its command deck missing. Presumably the Protector II has now been moth-balled as it were, with the construction of the Protector III, based on the designs the Thermians have seen in the new show, Galaxy Quest: The Continuing Adventures.


On page 21, Alexander is seen to have applied a prosthetic headpiece made for him by the Thermians for the mission. He explains, "If I'm going to be forced to perform, I will do so in full costume."


Also on page 21, Nesmith asks Alexander whether his insistence on performing in full costume is another of his actor superstitions, "Like how you won't say Macb--" and Alexander interrupts him, "It's The Scottish Play!" There is an actual superstition among actors that they should never mention Shakespeare's play Macbeth when in the theater, as it allegedly causes bad luck, referring to it instead, if necessary, as The Scottish Play. Though they are not in a theater, they are aboard the Protector III, where Alexander is expected to act like he's a cosmic hero. I am not aware of a superstition regarding performing only in full costume, in fact rehearsals are often performed in street clothes, so Alexander's insistence on full costume here may simply be his consummate professionalism.


As he is about to pull the Protector III out of stardock on page 22, Tommy groans under his breath, "Man, I had reservations at La Noche." I am unsure if he is referring to a real world restaurant, but there is a small chain of three well-regarded Mexican restaurants called La Noche Buena in the Los Angeles area. 


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