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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


"My Homeworld Away from Home"
Galaxy Quest: Global Warning #3
Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: Ilias Kyriazis
October 2008

The crew launches from Area 51 with the mission of dealing with the Judgement Ship and preventing Earth's destruction.


Story Summary


Somewhere out in space, the few remaining Thermians are constructing a new homeworld for themselves, led by Mathasar. He receives a communication from Laliari, reporting the presence of the Judgement Ship at Earth and asking if there is anything he can do to stop the planet's destruction. Though she estimates the planet has only 93 minutes left, Mathasar assures her that Commander Taggart will think of something and save the planet as he always does in every 60-minute episode of the series. Unfortunately, there is not enough time to get to Earth in the Protector II before then.


On Earth, the crew is reunited aboard the command deck which is launched from Area 51 with the aid of two rocket boosters. Their mission is to find a way to deal with the Judgement Ship and prevent the planet's destruction. In a quiet moment, Nesmith makes romantic overtures towards Gwen, but she has not forgiven him for his recent womanizing and walks away from him.


Approaching the Judgement Ship, the command deck is grabbed by its tractor beam and pulled aboard. There, Nesmith meets a statuesque beauty who informs him they are there to witness the end of his planet as it is hurled from its orbit and obliterated in the vacuum of space.




Didja Know?


This issue contains chapters 7-9, "My Homeworld Away from Home", "The Mists of Delos 57", and "The Last Leg!" The font used for the title "My Homeworld Away from Home" looks very similar to that of the original series Star Trek logo.


Didja Notice?


The cover depicts Guy holding a laser gun similar to the Golden Age sci-fi one held by Nesmith on the cover of "When Titans Clash". The monster that appears in silhouette on the cover never appears in the story itself.


On page 2, Mathasar records a "commanderlog". In "Destiny Be Mine", Dr. Lazarus recorded a "commandblog" in a scene from the pilot of Galaxy Quest: The Journey Continues. Since the Thermians had copied everything about the original Galaxy Quest TV series, you'd think they'd use the same term. The "date" (if that's what it is) that Mathasar uses, 179-23-26, is almost the same as the one Lazarus gives in the aforementioned pilot episode, 179-23-20.


In his commanderlog, Mathasar refers to Sarris' hostilities as Manifest Infinity, presumably a sci-fi take on the 19th Century American concept of Manifest Destiny, the belief that the U.S. would spread across the continent and later, spread democracy throughout the world. In Sarris' case, he most likely planned to spread his dictatorship across the galaxy or even infinity.


Pages 2-3 reveal that the remaining Thermians are building a new homeworld for themselves (it was said in Galaxy Quest that Sarris had destroyed their world).


The Thermians do not appear to be wearing any spacesuits or breathing gear as they work on constructing their new homeworld in orbit of the planet-under-construction. Do they have no need of an atmosphere?


On page 3, notice that the command deck of the Protector II is missing since it was separated from the main ship to allow the actors to return to Earth in Galaxy Quest.


Page 9 begins Chapter 8 of Global Warning, "The Mists of Delos 57". In Galaxy Quest, there was mention of an episode of the original TV series called "Mist of Delos 5". It was implied that "Mist of Delos 5" involved a mist that had put Commander Taggert in an amorous mood towards Lt. Tawny Madison. In this chapter, he also puts the moves on Gwen.


Notice on page 11 onward that Alexander is wearing his alien headpiece again for the mission. Why would he bother? And how did he get it? He was in Area 51 without it previously, with only 2 hours to prevent the end of the world, so it seems unlikely he had time to stop at home for it. The crew is also wearing NSEA uniforms, so possibly these were left behind at Area 51 when they were brought there the first time after the crash landing at the convention center as seen in "Destiny Be Mine". So, it may be that Alexander's alien headpiece was left behind as well and even repaired since it was damaged during the events of Galaxy Quest. But then again, why would the military go to the trouble? In the later mini-series The Journey Continues, Alexander again dons a prosthetic headpiece for the new mission, explaining, "If I'm going to be forced to perform, I will do so in full costume." This may then partially explain, retroactively, why he's wearing it again here.


On page 14, Gwen refers to episode 22 of the original TV series as "The Sky's the Limit". But the Galactopedia on the Galaxy Quest Blu-ray refers to episode 22 as "Requiem of the Martians". Maybe "The Sky's the Limit" was the working title of the episode during shooting and that's what she remembers; or maybe her saying "the sky's the limit" is a memorable quote between her character Lt. Madison and Commander Taggart in that episode.


Unanswered Questions


Why do many of the Thermians continue to disguise themselves in human form when no human is around? Is it in respect for the "historical documents"?
Why is Alexander wearing his alien headpiece again? How did he get it? 


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